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Chris Harrison ~ vast
playing and coaching
experience ~ ECB
Level 3 Qualified

Professional Cricket Coaching

Individual Coaching (1 to 1)

Individual Coaching uses structured programmes to develop a young players individual game.

An Individual session will:
• Give a simple breakdown of techinque
• Be adapted to each players individual technique
• Enable a player to achieve success and enjoyment whilst developing an
understanding of the fundamentals of the game.

All this will lead to a rapid improvement in confidence.

Weekly Courses

Weekend courses are run from September to December, January to March & April to June. These courses offer the perfect opportunity for a young player to make gradual but substantial improvements on a weekly basis. Each session consists of well structured skill drills, match and net play practice.

Improvement made in the off season can really help a young player increase in confidence for the following season.

Holiday Courses

Holiday courses are on offer during all major school holidays. Each day offers a fun way to enjoy the holiday period whilst learning and playing the game of cricket.
Great fun and Educational

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