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"His knowledge, skills and understanding of all areas of sport alongside his desire make a difference to each child’s experience of PE and Games has become an invaluable asset to our school."

Lucia Harvey
Head Teacher
Weston Green School

School Sport Consultancy

Is your school struggling to strike the balance between sport for all
and sporting excellence?
Is your school not fulfilling it's potential on the sports field?
Is your school lacking a sporty reputation?
Is your school keen to improve it's sporting profile?

Chris Harrison has 10 years of experience of working in Private
School Sport.

Sport for All

Each school has a duty to deliver a Sports Programme which can give each
and every child the opportunity to enjoy school sport. All children can
benefit from learning to practice and the team ethic which is so vital to
participation in sport. Parents expect equal opportunity for their child.
Sport is a great way to deliver this. If a school can excite and energise a
less able young sports player to engage with a sport and develop a life
long love of sport then this an achievement a school can be very proud of.

Sporting Excellence

Alongside a schools desire to achieve a sporting education for all of its
students, schools are often judged on their ability to deliver sporting
excellence up to regional or national standard. Having delivered a hugely
successful academy program for 5 years I have many ideas as to how
this can be achieved for the benefit of the students and the school.

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