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“Chris was chosen in preference to more established recruitment companies because of his background and experience”.
“…Chris’ professional approach and the discretion he observed which are a reflection of his integrity”.
“We would have no hesitation in recommending his services”
Cranmore School

Sports Staff Recruitment

Chris Harrison – 10 years coaching and teaching experience in Private
School Sport. 6 years running a Professional Cricket Coaching Business.
Recruiting a dynamic and energetic leader to run a School Sports
Department is vital to the success it can achieve. Chris Harrison can help
you fulfil this by understanding the individual needs of the school and
conducting a targeted search to find the right candidate for the job.

The existing ways of finding and appointing a new Director (Head) of Sport
can be very expensive and not targeted. Whilst they may reach a wide
audience they do not go and find the right candidate. A Chris Harrison
search will do that.The right candidate may not be looking for a new job
or may be unaware of the position.

Advantages of a Chris Harrison search

  • 10 years of working in the Private School environment
  • 5 years of running my own Cricket Coaching Business working with both
    elite and inexperienced players
  • Understand the needs of School Sport
  • Understand the dynamics of balancing sport for all and sporting excellence
  • Understand the aspirations of parents and children
  • Targeted search
  • Ability to find strong candidates(Cranmore School were offered 3 candidates from different backgrounds, all strong enough to take on the post)
  • Help the candidates to understand the role and the school prior to interview
  • Filter out unsuitable candidates.

Recent example of a successful search.....

In June 2010, Chris Harrison helped Cranmore School, a hugely respected
Prep School in Surrey,appoint a new Director of Sport. Barry Everitt who
retired from Professional Rugby to take up the post was an outstanding
candidate. Barry would never have known about the position had he not
been directly contacted by Chris Harrison.

Cranmore and Barry were brought together after a targetted search. By
understanding the specific needs of the school, a search was conducted to
find a suitable candidate who will inspire current staff, parents and the
children to strive for greater sporting success. Click below to see the kind
of exposure and publicity this appointment achieved.

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This inspires existing and potential parents and children!

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